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Top Bangkok Luxury Hotels


Staying in one of Bangkok’s five star hotels is a good way to experience the luxurious side of Thailand’s capital. Though there are at least a dozen true five star hotels in Bangkok, the hotels below are considered the best by most travelers because of their reputation, location or exceptional service.

1. The Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

The Oriental, which first opened in 1865, is Bangkok’s original luxury hotel. Since its founding its undergone many renovations and expansions but two things have remained constant – the Oriental’s riverside location and its reputation for impeccable service. The hotel lobby is sweeping and airy. Rooms are comfortable although less modern than other luxury hotels in the area but that doesn’t seem to deter visiting celebrities, who often pick the Oriental over other hotels in the city.

  • Price: From $275 for a double room.

2. The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons

Bangkok’s Four Seasons lives up to the brand’s reputation as one of the best luxury hotels chains in the world. The restaurants are excellent, the swimming pool is beautiful. Rooms are decorated with Thai-inspired finishing and are comfortably sized, especially considering that the hotel is right in the downtown business and shopping district.

  • Price: From 7,000 Baht ($200) for a double room with breakfast.

3. The Peninsula

The Peninsula Bangkok

Bangkok’s Peninsula hotel is right on the river and offers guests stellar service, a beautifully landscaped garden and pool area right next to the river and rooms with views of the river and the city. The Peninsula is located on the west side of the Chao Phraya River, but there is a river boat to shuttle guests to the center of Bangkok.

  • Price: from 7,000 Baht ($200) for a double room with breakfast.

4. Shangri-La Bangkok

Shangri-La Bangkok

Another impressive Bangkok Luxury hotel is the Shangri-La Bangkok, just north of the Oriental Hotel on the banks of the Chao Phraya. The Shangri-La feels more like a resort than a city hotel thanks to the lush landscaping, tennis court and multiple swimming pools. Most rooms have views of the river, too.

  • Price: From 5,000 Baht ($150) for a double with breakfast.

5. The Sukhothai


The stunning landscaping and common areas at the Sukhothai differentiate it from most any other hotel in the city. The design theme – the Sukhothai Kingdom of Thailand, permeates everything and is done tastefully and perfectly. Rooms are a pleasing mix of Sukhothai-style design and modern furnishings. The hotel is located on busy Sathorn Road. Although it’s often plagued with traffic, it’s very convenient to both the river and the business and shopping areas. 

  • Price: From 7,000 Baht ($200) for a double.

6. The Metropolitan Bangkok

The Metropolitan Bangkok

Fans of modern design will love the Metropolitan in Bangkok. Sleek, clean lines and plenty of space make the Metropolitan a striking property compared to the more traditional hotels that dominate the five star choices in Bangkok. The hotel is an easy walk to Silom for dining and shopping.

  • Price: From 7,000 Baht ($200) for a double.
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