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Top 3 Thai Beer Brands


Beer was originally introduced to Thailand by European visitors, but since 1933, Thais have been brewing their own. While you can find imported beer at many bars and restaurants, give some of the local brews a try if you’re in the mood for a cold one. Keep in mind that Thai beer is typically a little stronger (around 6%) than you might be used to and is almost always served in a glass, with ice, unless you specify otherwise.

1. Singha

Singha at Khao San Road
peterhellberg/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Thailand’s first and, some would say, best beer is clean and crisp. It’s also the Thai beer most well-known outside of Thailand, since it’s exported to many foreign countries. Check out the difference between Singha and Singha Light.

2. Beer Chang

Suzanne Nam

Beer Chang may not be as well known abroad as Singha Beer, but it’s immensely popular here in Thailand. It’s more flavorful but also higher in alcohol so watch out for the "chang over" that may follow. There are now three kinds of Chang Beer available.

3. Leo Beer

Suzanne Nam

Leo Beer is one of the country’s most popular “budget” beers and if you like the taste of Singha chances are you probably won’t mind Leo, either.

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