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Chang Beer


Chang Beer
photo copyright Suzanne Nam
Thailand’s number one selling beer is Beer Chang, which you can spot by its distinctive green label adorned with two elephants. In Thai, Chang means elephant and that’s a good name for this beer since Chang Classic really packs a punch at 6.4%, especially when served in the common 630 milliliter size. That’s about double the size and double the strength of a typical light beer in the US, so four times the alcohol per bottle! Beer Chang is also a lager, though the malt flavor is a little more intense than Singha’s. Beer Chang is very popular, but often it's not available in nicer restaurants.

Classic, Draught and Light:

There are now three kinds of Chang Beer available -- Classic, Draught and Light. Classic is regular Chang. Draught is slightly weaker, both in terms of flavor and alcohol content (it's 5% versus 6.4%) but still has that distinctive malty taste and aroma. Chang Light, with 4% alcohol, is a surprisingly full-bodied light beer and although alcohol content is lower, does not taste watered down.
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