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Thai Culture & Etiquette

The Thai way of life, from the charming way of greeting one another to reverence for the King, can be confusing for visitors. Learn about the country’s culture and etiquette and find out how and how to avoid any major taboos.

Jim Thompson House
Former spy turned entrepreneur and Thai silk maker Jim Thompson built this impressive complex in central Bangkok. You can tour it and learn about the man and his wares.

Thailand's Royal Elephant Museum
Find out about the role elephants have played in Thai history in this small and quirky museum.

Thailand's National Museum
Thailand's National Museum, located in the historic district of the capital, is full of mostly Buddhist art from the region.

5 Things to Avoid in Thailand
Avoid embarrassment or worse with these important things to avoid doing in Thailand.

What is Buddhism
A general primer on the philosophy of Buddhism.

Theravada Buddhism
One of Buddhism's oldest sects, Theravada Buddhism, is the most common form of Buddhism in Thailand. Learn more about how it's practiced here.

Thai Language Hub
This free Thai language website features daily lessons and plenty of audio and video content to download.

The Ban Chiang Project
Information about prehistoric Thailand and an introduction to the Ban Chiang archeological site near Khorat from the University of Pennsylvania.

Tips for Temple Tours

Thailand is known for its amazing Buddhist temples and touring temples is something nearly every visitor to Thailand does. Use these tips to get the most out of your temple visit. 

Bangkok's Top Museum and Attractions
Bangkok's best tourist attractions.

Thailand's Hill Tribes
The so-called “hill tribes” are essentially groups of ethnic minorities living in Northern Thailand. Because of their colorful traditional dress, dramatically elongated necks in the case of the Paduang, and different customs and languages, they’ve long been considered a tourist attraction.

Khantoke Dinner
another popular way to explore Northern Thailand's flavors (and traditions) is by attending a khantoke dinner.

Bargaining in Thailand
Find out when you should bargain and how much of a discount to expect.

What Not to Wear in Thailand
Thailand is a very relaxed place, and given the image of bikini-clad vacationers frolicking on beaches and backpackers in shorts and sandals exploring cities, you may think that anything goes in terms of clothing.

Do You Need a Visa to Visit Thailand?
Information about whether you need a visa for your vacation in Thailand.

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