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Siam Square
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Siam Square is a cluster of shops in central Bangkok with small boutiques, stalls, restaurants, movie theatres and cafes. The area is adjacent to one of Bangkok’s universities, so much of the merchandise is geared towards a younger crowd. There are plenty of cheap, fun, funky things to buy and plenty to eat, too. Since 2010, part of Siam Square has been under renovation, but there are still plenty of shops and stalls apart from all the construction.

Quick Strategies:

  • Give yourself lots of time. Siam Square is meant for browsing and wandering from shop to shop, not zipping in and out..
  • Try before you buy. You can rarely return anything so make sure it fits before you pay for it.
  • Don’t get confused. Siam Square is the shopping area across the street from Siam Paragon Mall and Siam Discovery, but many people refer to the whole neighborhood as Siam Square.

What to Buy?:

Young, fun, cheap clothes, shoes and accessories are what Siam Square is best known for. There are some shops selling housewares and home decor and music, too.

Taking a Break:

There are plenty of cafes and restaurants in Siam Square. On the main road that borders the area street vendors sell snacks and meals throughout the day and there's even a covered food court between two of the main streets of Siam Square. If you want a different kind of break, head to one of Siam Square's movie theaters to watch a film.

How to Get There:

Siam Square has its own BTS station with the same name.


Hours vary from shop to shop and stall to stall but between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. everyday most places will be open.
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