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Finding Thailand Travel Deals


Think everyone pays the same for their plane tickets and hotels? Think again. Here are some tips to get the best Thailand travel deals.

1. Fly into Another Country

Air Asia offers cheap direct flights between Bangkok or Phuket and China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore and Vietnam. Check airfares to those places. It may be cheaper to buy a roundtrip from your home to, say, Hong Kong, and then buy another roundtrip ticket from Hong Kong to Bangkok.

2. Don’t Just Rely on Travel Websites

Orbitz and the other major travel booking websites sometimes do have the lowest prices. But sometimes they don’t, especially for flights to Asia. Check airline websites for deals.

3. Talk to a Travel Agent

Travel agents can sometimes find great flight deals you can’t. They are also the only way to book Cathay Pacific’s All Asia Pass, an inexpensive way to travel if you want to visit more than one country in the region. Though you’ll pay a fee when you book through a travel agent, there’s usually no charge to inquire. Look for a travel agent that specializes in Southeast Asia.

4. Skip the Packaged Tour

You’ll almost always save money by putting the trip together yourself. And you’ll get to pick your own accommodations.

5. Ask Hotels for Discounts

With international travel down so much, hotels in Thailand are cutting rates and cutting deals. If you are booking through the hotel directly, ask for a discount or an upgrade. The worst that will happen is that they'll say no.
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