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Thailand Safety Tips


Many people think that there will be lots of health and safety concerns to contend with when visiting Thailand. The truth is, Thailand is far safer than many other tourist destinations and definitely safer than most large cities. Assaults, rapes, muggings and other crimes against tourists are so rare that when they happen, they make front page news. If you take normal precautions, you shouldn’t have to worry about staying healthy and safe while you are here.

1. Lock up Valuables

Though there are relatively few reports of people being pick pocketed or mugged, there are plenty of horror stories about guests in hotels who have had their valuables stolen while they were out. Most hotels, guest houses and even bungalows offer in-room safes. Make sure you use yours to lock up your wallet, electronics or anything else valuable.

2. Don’t Eat Pre-Prepared Foods

Thailand has the best street food in the world and most of it is freshly prepared in a sanitary fashion. Aside from tasting great and costing little, you get to watch your food being made, so you know everything that goes into it. The one thing to watch out for is food that’s been pre-prepared and is sitting in a big pot or vat. If you must try something that's been sitting around, boil it before eating.

3. Wear a Helmet

Or, perhaps skip renting a motorcycle or hopping on a motorcycle taxi altogether. While it’s tempting to do as the Thais do, remember that motorcycle accidents are the leading cause of injury to tourists. If you do get on a motorbike, at least make sure to wear a helmet.

4. Be Cautious at Night

It may be tempting to take a solitary moonlight stroll on a deserted beach or wander the streets of Bangkok by yourself in the middle of the night but don’t. If you don’t know your surroundings well, or know where to quickly find help if you should need it, you’ll put yourself in unnecessary danger.
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