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Traveling in Thailand During High Season


In most of Thailand, high season starts in November and lasts through January. Thinking of visiting Thailand during high season? Here's what you need to know.

What's the Weather Like During High Season?

High season overlaps with the country's cool season, when temperatures are in the 70s and 80s and there's little rain. While Thailand can sometimes be oppressively hot and humid, during high season in most parts of the country (including Bangkok and Phuket), the weather is gorgeous. Days are still sunny and warm enough to enjoy the beaches, but evenings are cooler and pleasant and if you're touring Bangkok you won't find yourself drenched in sweat after five minutes outside! It's not surprising that this would be the most popular time to visit Thailand.

Is High Season More Expensive?

Yes. Your trip will definitely cost more during high season. Across the globe, flights are often more expensive during the Christmas/New Years season. Hotels, especially in Phuket, increase prices by anywhere from 30% to 100%. It's much harder to get great deals during high season, and nearly impossible to get deals between the end of December and the beginning of January.

Is High Season Crowded?

High season is the most popular time of year for tourists to visit Thailand but it doesn't mean that crowds are unbearable, especially if you're traveling in less popular parts of the country. Phuket and the country's other popular beaches do tend to get very crowded during high season though.

Any Exceptions to High Season?

Sort of. Koh Samui and the other islands in the area have slightly different weather patterns from the rest of the country. On Samui November gets the most rainfall of any month so high season doesn't start until December.

Did High Season Get Longer?

Some hotels have expanded their definition of high season even further, from early November through March or April! This doesn't really mean anything, since they've also created something called "super high season," which is essentially the normal high season.

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