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Planning a Trip To Thailand

Everything you need to know to plan your visit to Thailand. Find out about visa requirements, health and vaccinations, transportation in and around the country, safety, weather, what to pack, and get practical tips about what to wear, currency and language.
  1. Common Questions About Travel in Thailand (21)

They are cute but dangerous.
Tips to avoid injuries from wild monkeys in Thailand.

The Truth about Rainy Season in Thailand
Everything you need to know about rainy season in Thailand, including the best places to visit.

Health Care in Thailand
Information about Health Care, doctors and hospitals in Thailand.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Thailand
Ever considered a visit to Thailand for your next vacation? Though traveling to Thailand is commonplace for Europeans, most North Americans consider it too far away and even too exotic to visit on a regular week or two week vacation. That’s a shame, because if you can get past the 14+ hours on a plane, Thailand is an amazing vacation destination.

All-Inclusive Honeymoons in Thailand
For a tropical honeymoon destination, many people are surprised to find out that Thailand doesn’t have many all-inclusive resorts and mistakenly think that it’s not a great honeymoon destination because of that.

Thailand Travel Planner
Making Thailand travel plans? Start here for all the information you’ll need to get started planning a great trip to Thailand.

Finding Thailand Travel Deals
Think everyone pays the same for their plane tickets and hotels? Think again. Here are some tips to get the best Thailand travel deals.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Thailand During the Holidays
The holiday season is the most popular time of year for visiting Thailand. Though crowds and higher prices may put some people off, it's high season for a reason. Here's why you should head to Thailand over the holidays.

Thailand Safety Tips
Many people think that there will be lots of health and safety concerns to contend with when visiting Thailand. The truth is, Thailand is far safer than many other tourist destinations and definitely safer than most large cities. Assaults, rapes, muggings and other crimes against tourists are so rare that when they happen, they make front page news. If you take normal precautions, you shouldn’t…

Before You Go on Your Thailand Vacation
Things to do before you arrive in Thailand.

How to Travel on the Cheap in Thailand
Tips for Budget Travel in Thailand

Information for American Citizens Traveling to Thailand
US State Department health and safety information on traveling to Thailand, including any travel warnings in effect.

Health Information for Travelers to Thailand from the CDC
Consult this information page from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention before traveling to Thailand. It's full of useful advice and information about staying healthy and avoiding travel sicknesses, which immunizations to get, as well as any current health warnings.

Traveling in Thailand During High Season

In most of Thailand, high season starts in November and lasts through January. Thinking of visiting Thailand during high season? Here's what you need to know.

Thailand Scams to Watch Out For
Most people are fair and honest, but wherever there are tourists, there are scammers trying to take advantage of them! Here are four common scams to watch out for when visiting Thailand.

Thai Visa Runs to Laos
Looking to extend your visa in Thailand? Head to one of these borders with Laos.

Day Tours from Samui or Phuket
Day boat tours from Phuket and Samui are very popular with tourists and are worth considering if you’re looking for a way to explore the surrounding beaches and islands, get a little physical exercise and even meet some other travelers in a fun and efficient way. Here's some important information to know before you decide whether one is right for you.

Do You Need a Visa to Visit Thailand?
Information about whether you need a visa for your vacation in Thailand.

Map of Thailand
A searchable map of Thailand with street-level detail of every city, town and beach in the country.

Phuket in Four Days

What to Pack (and Not to Pack) for Thailand
Things you'll need and won't need on your trip to Thailand. Hint: don't bring much!

Bangkok’s Current State of Emergency

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