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Celebrate New Year's Eve in Bangkok


Spending New Year’s Eve in Bangkok? Sure, you can head to one of the city's night clubs, but here are a few more interesting ways to welcome in the new year in Thailand’s capital city.

Hit the Mall

Central World is putting on a great show, full of music, light shows and general revelry to ring in the new year. The party is going on right next to the beer gardens in front of the mall, so if you luck out and manage to grab a table (you’ll be competing with an estimated 200,000 people) you’ll enjoy local Thai beer, too. Visiting before December 31? No worries, the party is going on every night from December 21 on.

Head to the Old City

Sanam Luang, the open space near the Grand Palace, is a staging ground for Thai dance performances and traditional and contemporary music shows. You’ll find multiple stages and a festive crowd. Everything at Sanam Luang, including speeches and the countdown, will be in Thai and it may be difficult to find an English speaker to explain what’s going on, but that’s really part of the fun of it. Sanam Luang is also the best place to view the New Year’s Eve fireworks display along the banks of the Chao Phraya.

Hit the Gym

Not really, but National Stadium (right next to Siam Square) is hosting a big music and entertainment extravaganza sponsored by one of the country’s largest music labels. You’ll find lots of young talent and plenty of Thai pop music to help you usher in the new year in style.
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