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King's Birthday


King's Birthday
Athit Perawongmetha/Getty Images
The King's birthday, which falls on December 5, is cause for big celebration in Thailand. There are street celebrations, more formal events, music performances and fireworks in the evening in most cities and towns.

The King of Thailand is very honored and respected so there is a huge outpouring of genuine emotion at these celebrations, but that's not the only reason December 5 is such a big deal. Not only is it a day when the people of Thailand celebrate the birth of the world's longest reigning monarch, but it's also father's day. Children across the country honor their own fathers on this day, too.

The King's birthday, unlike Loy Krathong or Songkran isn't really a tourist holiday but tourists are welcome to join in the celebrations. The King's birthday is a banking holiday, so government offices and banks will be closed.
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