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Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year
With more than 10% of the population descendants of ethnic Chinese and the ever-present influence of the big country to the north, it’s no surprise that the Chinese lunar new year is a big deal in Thailand.

Ethnic Chinese celebrate by paying respects to their ancestors. In cities and towns all over the country, people put together traditional offering ceremonies, where elaborate feasts are prepared and laid out as a gift to the spirits. People also offer symbolic gifts to their ancestors. If you walk the streets in the run up to the New Year, you’ll see vendors selling paper telephones, paper money, and even paper whiskey bottles! People buy these paper items and burn them as offerings, too.

In addition to these ceremonies, there’s plenty of fun and celebration to be had during Chinese New Year in Thailand. Bangkok’s Chinatown has the country’s biggest celebration, but in the week surrounding the actual New Year, there are big celebrations in Ayyuthaya, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket and other cities. These celebrations typically include parades, live music and dance performances, and fireworks at night. If you happen to be in Thailand during Chinese New Year, it’s a celebration not to be missed.

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