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Festivals & Events in Thailand

Thailand’s rich cultural traditions provide plenty of opportunities to celebrate. From national holidays to quirky and fun local festivals, there is always something going on.
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Guide to the Thai Vegetarian Festival
This complicated and often misunderstood religious festival is celebrated during the ninth lunar month of the year, usually in October, for ten days. Though abstaining from meat and other animal products is not the most significant piece of the festival from a spiritual or historical point of view, perhaps because it's the easiest facet to...

Bangkok's Favorite Thai Restaurants for Visitors
Isan has some of the most fun, quirky and interesting festivals you'll find anywhere in Thailand. If you like slightly off-beat events, check out these annual celebrations

Guide to Songkran, the Thai New Year Festival
The Songkran holiday is the Thai New Year celebration and takes place on April 13 – 15 every year. In Sanskrit, the word “Songkran” means “to move into” and on Songkran, Thais celebrate the fact that the sun is moving into Aries, the beginning of a new solar year.

Christmas in Bangkok
Christmas isn't a traditional holiday in Thailand but it's getting more and more popular, especially in Bangkok.

Royal Ploughing Ceremony
The Royal Ploughing Ceremony, one of Thailand's most important ceremonies, combines royalty, agriculture, religion and fortune telling.

Chinese New Year 2012
Chinese New Year brings plenty of celebrations to Thailand, and that's no surprise considering that more than 10% of the population consider themselves ethnic Chinese.

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year brings plenty of celebrations to Thailand, and that's no surprise considering that more than 10% of the population consider themselves ethnic Chinese.

Celebrate 2011 New Year's Eve in Bangkok
Spending New Year’s Eve in Bangkok? Sure, you can head to one of the city's night clubs, but here are a few more interesting ways to welcome in the new year in Thailand’s capital c

Thailand Festivals
Want to experience a Thailand Festival? There are dozens of small events in different parts of the country. This is a calendar of the most popular festivals and events. Since most events are tied to the lunar calendar, dates vary from year to year.

The King's Birthday
Celebrate the birthday of the country's revered monarch

Loy Krathong
Loy Krathong, the most beautiful Thai festival of all.

Songkran, Thailands Wet and Wild New Year's Celebration
The Thai New Year celebration in April is a three day celebration where people across the country use water to wash away bad luck and usher in the new year.

Ko Phangan Full Moon Party
A full moon is a great excuse for a blowout party, and this one happens every month on Ko Phangan.

Festivals and Events going on in Thailand in August
Here’s what’s going on this month in Thailand.

Songkran 2012
Songkran, Thailand's New Year celebration, takes place on April 13 - 15 every year. In 2012 the holiday starts on Friday, April 13 and goes through the weekend. "Songrakn" means "to move into" in Sanskrit and on Songkran Thailand celebrates the fact that the sun is moving into Aries and a new solar year is beginning.

Thailand’s first independent state made its capital here in the Northern part of the country during the 13th century. Though power soon shifted south to Ayutthaya, well-preserved ruins at Sukhothai Historical Park are a testament to the Kingdom’s strength. The quiet park, in an otherwise sleepy part of the country, is a great place to explore...

Loy Krathong 2011
Where and how to celebrate Loy Krathong in 2011

Celebrate New Year's Eve 2012 in Bangkok
Bangkok is one of the world's best cities for celebrating! Where will you ring in the new year in the city of angels? From big hotel bashes to extravagant restaurant meals to night clubs, there are plenty of options to celebrate the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.

Where to have Easter brunch in Bangkok
Bangkok, unsurprisingly, doesn’t do big Easter celebrations, but if you are in the city and hoping to celebrate this holiday, take your friends or family to one of these fun, indulgent Easter Sunday brunches.

Thailand's Ghost Festival
One of the most fun, and most interesting festivals in Thailand is the Pi Ta Khon Festival, which takes place over three days between March and July in the Northeast province of Loei.

Celebrate the 2014 New Year in Thailand!
What to do on New Year's Eve

Celebrating Christmas 2013 in Thailand
How to celebrate Christmas in Thailand.

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