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Rainy Season Floods in Bangkok

Monday August 31, 2009
Itís rainy season here in Thailand and along with some intense thunderstorms comes seasonal flooding in Bangkok. Donít worry, the cityís not completely under water but we are seeing sporadic ... Read More

Motorbike Accidents Killed Hundreds of Tourists in Thailand Last Year

Friday August 28, 2009
Scary fact Ė According to the British government, 269 Britons died Thailand last year, most in motorbike accidents. That data was just released by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth ... Read More

Hotels in Thailand Getting Cheaper

Friday August 21, 2009
Itís no secret that the tourism industry has been suffering since the beginning of the global economic crisis. Fewer people are taking vacations and fewer people are traveling on business. ... Read More

Thailandís Baby Panda Gets a Name

Monday August 17, 2009
The votes are in and Thailandís cute new mascot, the baby panda born in late May, has been officially named Lin Ping. The name was selected after ... Read More

Happy Mother's Day

Wednesday August 12, 2009
In Thailand, Motherís Day is celebrated on the Queenís birthday, August 12. If youíre here now, youíve probably seen a lot of pictures of the Queen. In fact, many businesses ... Read More

Samui Airport Back to Normal

Monday August 10, 2009
One week after the frightening crash at Samui Airport flights have returned back to schedule. A Bangkok Airways turboprop plane arriving from Krabi skidded off the runway in Samui ... Read More

Bangkok Police Begin Enforcing Traffic Rules

Tuesday August 4, 2009
Bangkok is a really tough town for pedestrians. Though there are plenty of crosswalks, drivers usually ignore them, forcing people to scurry across streets, jump out of ... Read More

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