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Bangkok’s Current State of Emergency

Information about whether traveling in Thailand in general and Bangkok specifically is safe right now.

Bangkok's Cheap Airport Lounges

Enjoy business class lounges in Bangkok's airport without a business class ticket.

Should You Cancel Your Trip to Thailand?

With all the political turmoil happening in Bangkok, it's hard to know whether you should keep your vacation plans. Thailand is still generally safe to visit,

What to Pack (and Not to Pack) for Thailand

Things you'll need and won't need on your trip to Thailand. Hint: don't bring much!

Celebrating Christmas 2013 in Thailand

How to celebrate Christmas in Thailand.

Should You Cancel Your Trip to Thailand?

Updated information about traveling to Thailand in light of ongoing political turmoil.

Celebrate the 2014 New Year in Thailand!

Considering a visit to Thailand over the New Year? Here are three ways to celebrate while you are here.

Try This!

Even if you're a picky eater, you've got to give these Thai dishes a try if you are visiting.

Shopping in the Siam Square Area

If you enjoy shopping, head straight to Bangkok’s Siam Square, where you’ll find everything from luxury brands in a gorgeous mega shopping mall, to fun street stalls filled with young, hip fashion at amazingly reasonable prices.

Bangkok's Siam Center and Siam Discovery Malls

Siam Center and Siam Discovery Malls in Bangkok -- two adjacent shopping malls in Siam Square offer shoppers two very different shopping experiences.

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